The Pizza Girl Came

I laughed and poured her some more water and finished serving the rest of the bar. After serving everyone else, I stood at the end of the bar next to Tammi, catching my breath and just gazed at her. She looked at me and said “So what do you do after work?” I said “ Usually go over to the restaurant next door, get some breakfast then come back here and go to sleep>” She looked kind of thoughtful for a moment and said The first part sounds good, but you sleep here?” I said “No not here, as a bar manager I have an apartment attached to the bar. It is convenient, and I don’t have to go too far if I drink to much on my day off.” “Oh” was her only comment. I asked her if she wanted to get some breakfast after I closed up and she said “Yea, that sounds good. It will help me not having a hangover after all the tequila you forced me to drink..haha.” I said “I didn’t force you to drink it, I just offered it and you took it…haha.” She just smiled and laughed and said “Yes, I always just take what I want.” I could see she was a little les drunk than she had been an hour or so ago, so if she asked for her keys to drive home I was okay with her doing that. To my surprise she seemed to read my thoughts and said “So will you let me drive home after I have breakfast with you?” I said “We will see, but I guess if you really want to I can’t stop you because you won’t be my responsibility anymore.”“But I like being your responsibility. I like having you worrying about me.” I almost came in my pants again when she said this. I looked at the clock and realized it is time to close up and get everyone out of here. I turned on all the lights and shut off the jukebox. I yelled my famous “Al right people..time to go. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Good night everyone and thanks for coming.” I looked over at Tammi and saw her still sitting there. I asked her what she wanted to do. She said “Didn’t you offer me breakfast?” I said “Yes, but it will have to be in about an hour or so, that’s how long it will take me to get this place cleaned up.” She said “I’ll help and it won’t take as long.” I said “Okay, let’s do this.” The bar was cleaned up in record time. I counted the money and put everything in the safe. As I stood up Tammi asked me “Do you have any of that margarita throat thingy left?” I said “Yes, why?” Tammi said “I just want one little taste of it so I can have good memories of the best night I had in a long time.” I said “Okay, I just put it in the cooler let me get it.” Although I was nervous because I didn’t want to break the law I figured the door was locked and no one would know. I got the bottle and came back into the bar area and Tammi was leaning backwards over the bar. I stood behind the bar and started holding her neck and automatically started rubbing the sensitive part behind her ear. She said “No, I want it like you did before when you were in front of me.” So I went around in front of her, stood between her legs and got as close as I dared. I held her behind her neck, started rubbing behind her ear and poured a small amount into her open mouth. She reached behind me, pulled me closer to her and asked for more. God!! I could feel the heat coming from her her tight jeans. I was so hard I know I was going to tear my pants in front. As Tammi swallowed the drink, I looked deep into her eyes. I could feel the desire coming from her, but I wanted to take it slow, make it last as long as I could. I knew if I rushed this I would be sorry later. I moved back away from her, and went to put the bottle away. I came back and told Tammi “So you ready for breakfast?” She said “Yes” then got up linked her arm through mine and we went outside. I told her I usually walk to the restaurant so I could take in the fresh air. Tammi said “Okay” put her arm through mine again and off we went. After breakfast I asked Tammi if she was ready to drive or did she still want me to drive her home and she could pick up her car tomorrow. She said she should really take her car and go home. I didn’t push it. I knew she would be back again (or at least I was hoping so). This happened again and again over the next few weeks. At least once a week Tammi would come in, get a little over indulgent and then I would buy her breakfast and she would go home. I was getting a lot of jerk off material. I even started getting a kiss before she left to go home. I didn’t know where this was going but I was enjoying whatever time I had with Tammi. After about 3 months of this, things finally turned in my favor. Tammi was in getting a little “under the weather”. I asked her to breakfast, she said yes. Over breakfast she said “You know I remember you telling me youn lived next door to the bar. Why haven’t you ever asked me if I wanted to stay there to sober up before driving?” I told her I didn’t want to scare her off and think I was going to try to take advantage of her. Tammi said “Oh I thought maybe you didn’t want me to see your place or something.” I said “No I don’t mind if you see it, I just don’t want you to think that I only want you for a one night stand, because I think more of you than that.” Tammi then said something that really blew my mind. She looked at me with those dark beautiful eyes of hers and said “Suppose I want to be a one night stand with you?” I just stared at her, and stared and finally said “You need to be more direct than you have been to be a one night stand. Besides, after getting to know you like I have, I think I want more than one night with you.” Tammi looked at me and said “We’ll see about that.” I got up to pay, and we walked back to where her car was parked. She kissed me more passionately than before and then said “So, when I can I see your place?” I said “Like I said before, anytime you are ready.” She said “Now!” I said okay and led her back to my place. I opened the door and she walked in ahead of me. She looked around while I made some coffee. She sat down on the couch and made herself comfortable.We sat there drinking coffee and just chatting for about an hour and a half. Finally I told her I needed to go to sleep. She could either stay here or drive home. She got up, walked over to me and kissed me passionately again. Tammi said “You know, this has been the most erotic evening I have ever spent and we didn’t even have sex. I can’t wait until we do. But it won’t happen tonight. See you later.” She kissed me again and left. This woman was driving me nuts. Yea, I know I should have taken her when I had a chance but like I said I wanted more than just a one night stand. The next night was Saturday. Tammi didn’t come in at all. Man, was I disappointed. And she didn’t come in on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Wednesday was my day off. I went in early in the morning, got some paperwork done then took off for the rest of the day. I went to the beach and just hung out relaxing and basically not doing anything. When you work where you live sometimes you need a night away, so I decided to rent a motel room for a night just to be away from the bar area and also so I could clear my head about Tammi. I thought we were getting along well, but with her not showing up for about 3 or 4 days I felt depressed and out of sorts. I was kicking myself now for not getting any of that before she took off. Maybe I didn’t get laid by her because I was too slow. Well, I am an old fashion guy when it comes to women. Sure, I will take a one night stand when I get the chance, but with someone like Tammi I feel like it would be worth it to wait and get more. But I digress again. Anyway I was just lying on the motel bed surfing the channels basically just trying to be alone with my thoughts and myself when my cell phone rings. I look at the number and se it was the bar. I wonder what has happened. The only time they call me on my time off is when a major catastrophe has happened. I look at the phone one more time as I decide I better answer it. I say “Hello, what’s up?” The bartender, Joanie, says “Joe, you need to get in here right away, we just had someone break something really bad and we might have to call the paramedics. I say “What happened?” he says “Just get here as soon as you can.” and hangs up the phone. I jump into my clothes, get into my car and fly down there. Fortunately I never go too far out of town. As I drive I have all kinds of scenarios running through my head about what has happened. By the time I get there and pull into the parking lot I look around and do not see anything looking like it is out of place. I hurry inside and look around and only see about 10 people in the place. I see Joanie behind the bar with a smile on her face. I am starting to wonder what is going on when I am attacked from behind, someone grabbing and tying my arms behind me and putting a blindfold over my eyes. I struggle but whoever has me is stronger than I am and holds me tight. I feel a pair of female breasts push into my chest and a slight kiss on my lips then I feel myself being led out the front off the bar. I have walked between my apartment and the front door of the bar so many times I know I am being led to my front door. I feel a hand in my pants pocket. The hand touches my cock through my pants, rubs it a few times then takes out my keys and unlocks my front door. By this time I am wondering what the hell is going on. I say to whoever is holding me “Look I don’t know who you are or what you want but you don’t have to do this. My biggest worry is that they are going to rob my apartment (although I don’t have much) or force me to rob the bar then kill me. I am a little concerned (actually scared is more the right word). No one has said anything to me. I am forced to sit down on a chair with no arms. I then hear the front door close and lock. I don’t hear anything for a minute or two then I hear someone rustling around. Sounds like it is coming from my bedroom, I hear someone trip over something and swear softly. I think I hear a female tone to the whisper. I am then prompted to get out of my chair by a pair of soft hands. It feels like someone different. Feels like a female. I try to use my senses to determine if anyone else is around. I am led to my bedroom, turned around in a circle about 7 or 8 times then pushed face up on the bed. I feel a pair of hands remove my pants and undershorts. I felt a warm moist feeling on my cock. It was amazing. Then I felt a tongue swirling around, up and down it went, then the mouth would fully take me deep. It was the most amazing oral sex I have ever felt. I still didn’t know who this person was. It could have male or female. It didn’t feel like a male (although I wouldn’t know about that since I have never had a male mouth on my cock), it definitely was soft, warm, wet, and just unbelievable. After a few minutes of this I felt a female’s naked body slowly sliding up my body, licking me starting at my feet and working slowly up my body until they got to my neck. I felt a pair of lips start sucking my neck and gently kissing me all over my face, finally coming to rest on my lips. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and start a duel with mine. Now I kept thinking to myself whoever the hell this is she is good. I was so turned on I felt ready to cum at any moment, but she would stop at just the right time, keeping me n the edge. Finally I hear a whisper in my ear asking me “Are you enjoying this?” “Oh my God” I cried “this is the most pleasant experience I have ever had.” After hearing her voice I still wasn’t quite sure who it was. I almost had an idea but since I have met a lot girls since I began working in the bar (some I have had, and some I wanted but never did) I still was unsure. The woman kept kissing me, rubbing her hands up and down my body, gently rubbing my cock all over with her hands, sometimes just holding it near her pussy. I could feel the heat from her, could just barely feel her juices leaking onto my cock, then she would pull it away, let go and start just kissing me all over. This teasing went on for what seemed like hours. I am not going to lie, this was the most erotic experience of my life. I was lying on my bed, blindfolded, and my hands tied behind my back with an unknown woman teasing me sexually until I was ready to explode. The unknown woman then whispered to me “I am going to untie your hands now, please do not take your blindfold off until I tell you okay?” I agreed and I felt my hands being untied. Then I felt her hand take my hand and place it at her pussy and start using my finger to rub up and down. I took over and gently started fingering her. She was so wet and tight. It was unbelievable, how tight she was. I could put two fingers inside her and I would have to struggle to get a third. My thumb began rubbing her clit as my two fingers kept plunging inside her, she then quickly pulled my fingers out of her, pinned both my arms above my head and mounted me. She leaned down, kissed me, and began slowly moving back and forth. Slowly sliding off and then on me. Then while making sure I was still deep inside her, she stay down firmly against me and just squeeze me with her pelvic muscles. This was the most incredible fuck I have ever had. The she kissed me, leaned close to my ear and whispered “God you feel so good inside me, I have been waiting for a long time to have this chance with you. You have been driving me crazy with your flirting and your margaritas that I finally had to do something to satisfy myself with you.” I am now thinking I know who this is, but with the blindfold still on, and my cock buried deep inside the tightest pussy I have ever felt I still wasn’t sure. But the voice was telling me that it was Tammi, but like I said I wasn’t sure. Then whoever this mysterious woman was is now starting t ride me hard. Rising up and coming down hard on me. I could feel myself deep inside her, I could feel my cock hitting her cervix. Just when it seemed like I was going to come, she would stop and hold herself down tight against me. Not moving, just holding herself there. I would reach up and play with her smooth, tits, feel the hard nipples press against my hand. I pinched her nipples and she would shudder, then start riding me again, starting slowly them building to a wild pace then stop and wait. All of a sudden she ripped my blindfold off and then went into the wildest orgasmic throes of passion that I have ever seen. All of a sudden I exploded with none of the notice that my body usually gives me. It was the most explosive orgasm I have ever felt. I saw fireworks and shooting stars. I felt like every muscle in my body was being stretched to their limit. I felt every drop of cum flowing up and out of me. I felt like I was never going to stop cumming. It was the most incredible feeling in the world. After I stopped cumming I looked at my mysterious woman and saw indeed it was Tammi. We both just laid there, gasping for breath, sweat pouring off us, and at the same time we both just said “Oh my God!!!” I said to her “That was the most incredible sexual experience I have ever had. I have never cum that hard in my life.” She said (between breaths) “Neither have I.” After regaining our senses, we both took a shower together. It was a gentle shower just touching and exploring each other’s bodies. Afterwards, we lay on the bed, talking about how this experience had happened. She told me that she had remembered I had Wednesdays and Thursdays off from work and only went in to due to some minimal paperwork and then usually left for the day. She also told me that she had become somewhat friends with the daytime bartender. She said she had been talking with Joanie about me, finding out that I had been talking about her a lot and how I hadn’t had a woman since I had met her. I was feeling somewhat ashamed because I had felt this way and didn’t know she had seen it. I was amazed that a woman her age could go through 3 or 4 month of sexual frustration to find some way to be with me. She told me once she started talking to Joanie about how she could surprise me the plan just started taking shape and this is why the phone call to me from Joanie. I looked at her, smiled and kissed her. I told her it was the most erotic experience I have ever had and was definitely turned on more than I had ever been in my life. We made love and fucked the rest of the afternoon. Tammi lived with me for about 6 months after that. Sharing my bed and satisfying my every need a I satisfied all hers. We explored every erotic idea we could come up with including having sex on a pool table in the bar after closing, role playing as well as a lot of other scenarios. Maybe I will share some of them at a later time.

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